Di Montezemolo: Fernando Alonso is leaving Ferrari

Freshly departed Ferrari president Luca Di Montezemolo has seemingly plugged speculation after confirming the departure of Fernando Alonso – who will leave the team following this year’s concluding Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. While no formal announcement has yet been made, Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel appears ready to assume the #1 seat at Ferrari – a rumour only fuelled by Red Bull’s newly announced driver lineup for 2015.

Di Montezemolo revealed the two key factors behind Alonso’s departure – which is believed to have been mutually agreed by both driver and team.

“One, he wants another environment. Two, because he is an age when he cannot wait to win again,” Di Montezemolo told Italian news outlets. “He was disappointed that he has not won over these last years and wanted new stimulus.”

After a disappointing four-year stint at Ferrari, Alonso is said to be considering a move to McLaren, or adopting a higher risk for higher reward approach and simply taking a year off from F1 before trying to join Mercedes in 2016.

Di Montezemolo himself delivered the news after officially stepping down as president of Ferrari, a role he held since 1991.

Alonso – who is generally regarded as being the most desirable driver on the market – has appeared to be increasingly more alienated by Ferrari’s poor performances as the Italian giant has consistently failed to provide the Spaniard with a championship worthy car. His intention to seek new pastures therefore has come as little surprise to the F1 universe.


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