Bernie plans to make more rule changes to make life harder for drivers

Formula 1 lead-man Bernie Ecclestone has hinted that there could be further rules changes in a bid to make drivers work harder, in the wake of the controversial team radio clampdown.

Starting at this weekend’s Marina Bay race for the Singapore Grand Prix, all 11 teams have been informed that they will be restricted from giving any ‘advice’ to drivers through either pit radio or pit boards.

The radio revision has been labelled as one of the latest invocations aimed at reducing F1 to a state of ‘purer racing,’ not seen since the pre-millennium, so-called ‘glory years.’

Ecclestone has backed the move – claiming that the radio-outlawing stemmed from an idea of his own – and believes that other changes such as a restriction on live telemetry could also be in the pipeline, and enforced in the immediate future.

“I was the one who started it off, yes,” said Ecclestone, speaking at the launch of a new sponsorship tie-up between Johnnie Walker and F1.

“I think none of the drivers want it (radio). They are all happy that it has gone.

“They drive the cars, they should know what is wrong or right. They don’t need someone on the pit wall telling them what to do.”

When asked if even greater restrictions on team influence would be welcome news to him – perhaps through a ban of live telemetry from the cars – Ecclestone responded: “Yes.”

“We have a regulation in force that drivers must drive the car unaided. They have been aided – and still are.

“Even if we get rid of this ship to shore, as I call it, there are still a lot of aids that they should not have.”

The FIA is to meet with the teams at Singapore on Thursday to discuss the impact of the ban, and clarify concerns that some outfits have about the impracticalities and difficulties that may stem from the reduced radio communication.


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