Drivers of the weekend: British GP

In leu of a conventional Gran Prix, the British GP did not fail to disappoint, as Silverstone brought it’s trademark unpredictability into play despite a surprising lack of rain.

Hamilton’s 27th victory places him on equal footing with the legendary Jackie Stewart, but the Mercedes driver’s Silverstone triumph undoubtedly means more to his immediate future than any history books can dictate. Crucially, an invaluable 25 points places him firmly back on the threshold of the World Championship lead. Despite a dominant showing, eventually crossing the line half a minute ahead of his closest rival, the British winner was effectively gifted the victory at the expense of Rosberg – who was halted by a catastrophic gearbox failure. Whilst Hamilton’s victory was notable, it was more the occasion that contributed to this, rather than Hamilton’s own phenomenal drive.

There was one name that stood out amongst the others – Fernando Alonso.

During a multi-lap battle, Alonso traded blows with Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel in a battle in which the Spaniard made the defending champion appear to be out of his depth for possibly the first time in his F1 career as he desperately screamed down his Red Bull radio, accusing the Ferrari driver of foul play, when in reality Vettel was simply being schooled by a cerebral veteran whose talents emulate that of
some of the most old school of F1 legends. Alonso dropped jaws and captivated minds with his unmatched determination and ruthless defending harking back to the days of his idol in the great Michael Schumacher. Ultimately it was merely his car that let him down; despite Alonso’s best efforts, his Ferrari package was still not podium worthy, and betrayed it’s driver’s talents to anchor him down to a relatively disappointing sixth position.

Further up the grid, Valtteri Bottas was able to lift Williams’ spirits after Massa’s accident and subsequent early retirement, despite starting far down the grid. The Finn finished as Hamilton’s nearest – albeit distant – rival, taking second place and his second podium in succession. The Williams ace was joined on the podium by Ricciardo who had a relatively quiet race, minus the occasional scrap with Nico Hulkenberg.

Jenson Button was able to deliver a result that will have his father gazing down from the sky with great pride. The 2009 World Champion was able to rub shoulders with the biggest names in the sport for the first time in months, and contested for a podium finish before the race ended just one lap too early for the British fan favourite.

The British Grand Prix proved that whilst Lewis Hamilton might have the car, it is very much Fernando Alonso who has the full package – minus the car.

Drivers of the weekend:
1) Fernando Alonso

2) Valtteri Bottas
3) Lewis Hamilton


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