McLaren seek Hamilton return: analysis

A Formula 1 season would not be complete without the mass of speculation created by the Motorsport media's rumour mill. As is always the case, central to the so-called 'silly season' this year, is contemplation regarding possible driver moves. Bizarrely, this year sees the current championship favourite's position placed under scrutiny, with tabloids attempting to … Continue reading McLaren seek Hamilton return: analysis


Drivers of the weekend: Austrian GP

After qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix, signs that the tide was turning appeared increasingly evident as Williams stopped the Silver Arrow onslaught. Today's Grand Prix, however, demonstrated that Williams' actions did not stop Mercedes' run of superiority, rather simply blemished it. After a suspect third on the grid for Rosberg, and a spin resulting … Continue reading Drivers of the weekend: Austrian GP

What got Schumacher through his coma?

Michael Schumacher no longer requires the level of attention he was receiving at Grenoble Hospital, and was checked out yesterday morning. His manager and spokesperson stated "Michael has left the CHU Grenoble to continue his long phase of rehabilitation. He is not in a coma anymore." With the news of the 7 time world champion … Continue reading What got Schumacher through his coma?

Michael Schumacher: a career overview

For such an extraordinary driver, Michael Schumacher originated from a rather ordinary family life. He was born on 3 January, 1969, near Cologne, Germany. His father was a bricklayer, and ran the local kart track, at Kerpen, where Mr Schumacher's wife operated the track canteen. At the age of four, Michael discovered his love for … Continue reading Michael Schumacher: a career overview