Monaco GP: drivers of the weekend

Monaco is a unique place; it is the only principality and longest-serving street circuit on the Formula 1 calendar. Whilst the claustrophobically narrow track borders on dangerous, the outdated arena's place in F1 remains guaranteed thanks to it's individual charm and unparalleled magic. This year was no different as the Monaco magic was ever-present in … Continue reading Monaco GP: drivers of the weekend


Rosberg signs new Mercedes contract

Nico Rosberg is to remain at Mercedes alongside Lewis Hamilton after signing a contract extension for at least two more years. The 28-year-old's current deal was due to expire at the end of the 2014 season. A Mercedes spokesman said: "We have long-term relationships with both our drivers." The second generation driver, who won the … Continue reading Rosberg signs new Mercedes contract

My opinion: the Ferrari situation

Kimi Raikkonen is a man who considers anything other than victory to be failure; a trait which himself and his Italian team share with one another. It is therefore soul destroying for the partnership to have yet experienced a single pole position, win, or even so much as a meagre podium. Raikkonen's points tally currently … Continue reading My opinion: the Ferrari situation

On this day in F1 history

1988: Senna's sorrow, Prost's profit A brief concentration lapse resulted in Ayrton Senna cutting his time short in the principality. With a dozen laps remaining, second placed Alain Prost started to dial up successive fastest laps. On lap 65, in an attempt to maintain his substantial gap, the leading Brazilian pushed too hard and spun … Continue reading On this day in F1 history

Spanish GP: drivers of the weekend

With another weekend comes another race of barely-controlled aggression between two drivers of near-uncanny similarity. Despite the campaign spanning 66 laps and lasting close to 2 hours, the Mercedes duo of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg ended the race separated by a time difference equal to that of their grid position distance from one another, … Continue reading Spanish GP: drivers of the weekend

Hamilton vs Rosberg: the battle intensifies

Amidst the sweltering heat and seemingly endless lockups, offs and crashes from struggling competitors, the intense battle between a particular two stars shone through during qualifying in Barcelona. Following a triplet of victories, Lewis Hamilton had begun to assert his authority over team mate and close friend Nico Rosberg. The evolution of such a small … Continue reading Hamilton vs Rosberg: the battle intensifies

Mansell: Hamilton ‘close to perfection’

Formula 1 icon Nigel Mansell has proclaimed Hamilton to be 'close to perfection' following his performances over the course of 2014's opening four Grands Prix. Fellow Briton Hamilton has won three races in succession after a partial engine failure started off his season with a DNF in Australia. With 3 pole positions and 3 wins … Continue reading Mansell: Hamilton ‘close to perfection’