Ferrari aim to help Kimi

Newly-instated Ferrari team principal Marco Mattiacci has reportedly recognised Kimi Raikkonen’s underwhelming performances, and is seeking a solution.

As a result, Raikkonen will travel to Maranello next week in order to complete more hours in their factory simulator as he searches for a solution to his setup woes.

The Finn is notoriously temperamental and delicate with regards to car behaviour – his unique style being dramatically different to Ferrari lead-driver Fernando Alonso, who has wrestled problematic cars for the Italian team since his arrival in 2010, and has systematically and categorically beaten his team mate in the opening four races of this year’s season.

Whilst some fans have pointed towards a genuine gulf in class difference between the two, others maintain Raikkonen’s dip in form is merely a result of Alonso getting along with the machinery better.

Ferrari are said to be developing new parts for their Ferrari F14T in order to assist Raikkonen as they seek to further familiarise him with the car, following another weekend of disappointing results in China.

Fernando Alonso was able to hold off the faster Red Bulls to complete the Sepang podium behind the dominant Mercedes duo, whilst Raikkonen struggled to keep pace and finished a distant eight.

A new nosecone is among the many small, but hopefully significant revisions Ferrari will bring to Spain in three weeks time, in hope of unlocking Raikkonen’s currently hidden pace.


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