Chinese GP: drivers of the weekend

Hamilton wins by a significant margin, with team mate Rosberg crossing the line only a small universe-distance away from him, completing another Mercedes 1-2 – Sepang held more of the same in the world of F1’s travelling circus, and it was once again the same drivers who shone. After finishing a Substantial 18 seconds ahead of team mate Rosberg; Lewis Hamilton undoubtedly has to be considered as one of the most impressive performers this weekend. Nico Rosberg also proved his competence at the top though, after a shaky and slow start, touching a fast starting Williams into turn 1, Rosberg had to drive a patient but firm recovery drive from 7th, pulling off some eye-opening overtakes in the process, to eventually finish 2nd. His overtake against compatriot Vettel stood out as one of the race’s most noteworthy of manoeuvres as he locked up into the braking zone after Sepang’s long back straight, but simply lacked the pace to challenge his team mate. In terms of physicality and perseverance though, Rosberg wins this week’s battle of hearts.

Honourable mentions go to Daniel Ricciardo, who was yet again able to better and frustrate his decorated team mate, to finish just shy of the podium. Alonso was yet again able to make the best of a bad situation to finish 3rd, and claim best of the rest, despite his far yet to display any evidence of replicating Red Bull’s pace. The sly Spaniard was able to keep the rapid Ricciardo at bay, and in fact claw back a gap in the final couple of laps in order to stand on the podium with Mercedes’ drivers, thus continuing to prove his worth to the struggling Italian dream team.

Drivers of the weekend:

1st: Nico Rosberg
2nd: Lewis Hamilton
3rd: Fernando Alonso


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